SUCK UK Drumstick Pencils

  • $6.57

Brand: Suck UK

Color: Black


  • Includes 2 drumstick pencils per pack
  • HB pencil
  • Double up as a pair of drumsticks
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Also available in a pen design!

Number Of Discs: 1

Details: Play at work or school with Suck UK's Drumstick Pencils!

One pair of HB wooden pencils which double up at a set of drumsticks, perfect for persistent amateur tappers and professional drummers.

Know someone who thinks they are the next Phil Collins? Or just a fidgety pencil tapper? These fun Drumstick Pencils are the perfect gift, your drumming pal can practice keeping a beat and in one swift rotation look busy at work!

Quieter and cheaper than a full sized drum kit and certainly kinder on the neighbours!

Suck UK's Drumstick Pencils!